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After 12 years of working independently, I signed on with Penn State University -- still serving most of the clients below. RitoSoft officially "Closed for Business" on 12/31/07, but I may be available for outside consulting and you can still contact me as indicated above.

Past Customers

The Ben Franklin Partnerships, Central & Northern PA, and Northeastern PA
Grant management/reporting system

PENNTAP -- The Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program
Case management system

Penn State Management Development
Program & Contact Management System

The Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center
Case Management System

Penn State University Intellectual Property Office
Database integration

The Ben Franklin Partnership of Southeastern PA
Grant management/reporting system

Corning-Asahi, State College
Maintenance of reporting applications and Process control application tuning

C-Cor.Net Maintenance/Performance tuning for cable service management system

OmniComp (now Enron Energy Information Solutions)
Online help system for FASER product

Penn State Univerisity College of Health and Human Development
for The Pennsylvania Department of Health
Upgrades to AIDS Case Tracking/Reporting System

PA Department of Health, CHIPS program
Database/application consultations

N.D. Lea, Ltd.
High level design of highway pavement management information system for the Republic of Indonesia